A game of discovery of your gold forging skills! Take your hammer and shape fine items to please the king and win the hand of the princess!

Play tutorial:

Your goal is to fit deformed golden items into specific shape by using a virtual hammer. Click on the hammer icon to activate the tool and then try to hit all deformed spikes. You can use the eye icon to check the "blueprint" of the item. There's a progress bar which indicates how close you are to the desired shape. When you think you're ready you can send the item to the king by clicking the crown icon!


Stefano Sottocorna - code
Madlen Naneva - pixel art and 2D animations

Georgi Georgiev - 3D art and original music

Made in 48 hours for Sea Game Jam 2022

Technology used:

Godot engine


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsThe Dark Union, LaScoyt
TagsCrafting, Historical


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Funny. But I never score anything. I hammer the crap out of it, yet no luck. If I need to do other things, maybe there should be a hint.

edit - ok now I get it, I got to go to the king before time runs out. Funny game, but it kind of escalates into real work ;)